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Award Winning Artist, Content creator.

Adam Ali

Born and raised in Nottingham, United Kingdom. The genre of music best to describe Adam's Nasheed's is a blend of RnB/hip hop infused with a touch of spirituality. Adam hopes to be a voice of hope and comfort to others, as artists such as Dawud Wharnsby have been to him growing up.

A performer, composer, writer and content creator; Adam has performed on an international platforms such as Boris Johnsons annual event, 02 arena and RAMF in Paris. He has also won an Award for best modern category Nasheed Artist 2011.

With the current lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, Adam Ali is releasing his new free mixtape called 'Sunnah To Smile' Featuring the well known Artist, comedian and Comedy writer Preacher Moss In a stance to show solidarity and hope in times of difficulty. The Mixtape can be downloaded free on the under the Nasheed section.